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Lifesystems Tick Card Removal Tool - Compact Size

If you have a tick, you'll want to remove it as promptly as possible and remove all parts of its body. This Tick Remover Compact Tool with magnifying lens is handy, easy to use and, thanks to its tiny pack size, slots into any first aid kit or wallet.

Lyme disease transmitted via ticks has become an increasing problem in Europe. Although preventative measures can be taken, occasionally ticks will attach themselves to you. 

The Tick Removal Compact Tool should be part of your first aid kit to ensure you are adequately prepared and protected when travelling to warmer or more humid climates.

Review: Essential aid kit. Bought this after hearing about it at a Outdoor First Aid courses. Instructions sound easy enough. Has already been used to remove a tick I acquired in Glen Nevis. Worked like a charm. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


  • Key-ring sized tick remover (Compact size)
  • Magnifying lens
  • For any size of tick
  • Weight: 2g  /  0.07oz
  • Dimensions: 54 x 36 x1 mm  /  2.12 x 1.41 x 0.04 in
  • Product Code: 34021

Tick Card Removal Tool Instructions:

  1. Slip the notch of the Tick Remover Tool under the tick.
    • Note: For smaller ticks or ticks that are not yet fully engorged, use the smaller notch in the Tick Remover Card.
  2. Slowly push the card forwards and upwards with gentle and even pressure.
    • Note: Do not apply excessive force as this may stress the tick, causing the head to remain in the skin.
  3. Allow the tick to let go and lift away from the skin with ease
    • Note: Disinfect the bite area and the Tick Remover Card after removal using hygienic cleansing wipes


  • Remove ticks as soon as possible. 
  • Do not squeeze, twist or burn a tick.
  • Do not use petroleum jelly, oil or any other chemical products to remove ticks.
  • Stressing a tick greatly increases the risk of it injecting harmful agents into the bloodstream of its host.

TICK-BORNE DISEASE: A small red itchy patch is a normal body-reaction to a tick bite but symptoms can be much more severe. Serious tick-borne diseases include Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis) which is increasingly common throughout Europe and America.

SYMPTOMS: Symptom patterns vary from person to person. Early indications in the days after the bite can include flu-like symptoms, extreme tiredness, headache, muscle pain, tender glands and sensitivity to temperature, sound and light. In some cases you may see a roughly circular red rash, without itching or pain, that slowly spreads outwards. It may be clear in the middle and is often called a bull’s eye rash. Seek medical advice promptly if you are concerned or experience any of the above symptoms after a bite.

Further information on ticks & lyme disease from

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