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Palm Equipment Quick Tow Belt - 10m

A towline quick-release waistbelt with 10 m / 32.8 ft of floating rope, which can be adapted to your preferred tow system. Each of the components; the rope, shock absorber and clip can be re-tied to the strong point as you choose and made ready to be deployed left or right handed. Just clip on and paddle away, the velcro closure lets the line pay out easily. The clamshell pocket fits snug to your waist out of the way but also opens wide, holding its shape to make repacking easy. Palm sponsored research into safety harnesses found quick release webbing tethers set at 3 cm / 1.18 in length guarantee a correct release. Our clean tail safety release system separates the quick release and the waist adjustment buckle, so that the quick release tail is always the right length and the belt can be easily adjusted for people of all sizes with the spare webbing neatly coiled away.


  • Quick release tow belt
  • Clean tail safety release
  • Low-profile clamshell pouch
  • 10 m / 32.8 ft floating towline with shock absorber
  • Rustproof Seadog clip with split D-ring park
  • Adaptable to your preferred tow system
  • Vent Mesh liner 
  • Buoyant foam padding 
  • Cam quick-release buckle 
  • Reflective details 
  • Rope can be untied from bag 
  • Shock absorber 
  • Size adjustment side release buckle 
  • Split D-ring attachment points 
  • Top opening 
  • Velcro fastening closure

Technical Features:

  • Product code: 12713
  • Weight: 446 g / 15.73 oz
  • Dimensions: 
    • 10 m / 32.8 ft rope length
    • 5 mm / 0.19 in Ø rope
  • Materials:
    • 6 mm / 0.23  Ø floating polypropylene kernmantle rope
    • 38 mm / 1.49 in nylon webbing
    • nylon 420D ripstop fabric
    • polyester 210D fabric lining

Using Your Quick Tow Belt:

Towlines are used to tow tired or injured paddlers to safety whilst in their kayaks. They are suitable for use on calm water or short distances at sea. Not be used on whitewater rivers.

  1. Ensure there is 3cm / 1.18in of loose webbing extending from the quick-release. Close and tighten the belt via the side-squeeze and tri-glide buckle.
  2. Roll up and stow loose webbing with velcro strap. To release the belt in an emergency, pull the yellow ball.

Ensure the quick-release with yellow ball is always accessible

To deploy the towline:

  1. Open the pouch and locate the clip.
  2. Attach the clip to the boat that needs to be towed.
  3. Remove the towline from the pouch.
  4. Paddle away pulling the towed boat.
  5. After use, repack the rope and clip as soon as possible to avoid snagging.
  6. Ensure the pouch is securely closed to avoid the rope escaping when not in use.

Towing methods:

  • Standard tow: One paddler tows another directly behind.
  • Rafted tow: One paddler tows a pair rafted together.

To get the most out of your Quick Tow, we suggest you seek training in the use of towlines.

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