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Robson Paddles Robson Chlorophyll 60R Touring Paddle
Robson Paddles Robson Salza Canoe and C1 Paddle
Robson Paddles Robson Fluid FG White Water Paddle
UVP £255.00
Sie sparen 12%
UVP £195.00
Sie sparen 12%
Robson Paddles Geronimo Glass Whitewater Paddle
UVP £235.00
Sie sparen 21%

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Robson Paddles produce a range of SUP, Whitewater, Sea and Touring Paddles. Their paddels are designed and produced for the most challenging conditions you face out on the water, offering maximum performance for both experienced and recreational paddlers. Robson is well known for pushing the limits and thinking outside of the box when it comes to design and technology.