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Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang Hydralloy Dive Knife - Drop Point Style

The Blue Tang HYDRALLOY is Underwater Kinetics' improved take on the classic, multi-functional dive knife. We patented our own HYDRALLOY steel for a blade that is both strong and corrosion resistant where most competitors’ blades only offer one of those features.

The Blue Tang® HYDRALLOY® knife is built rugged, with a serrated edge and a hooked edge for cutting through all types of rope and line. It is the ultimate safety tool.

The Blue Tang is available in your choice of blade style: Classic drop point or a blunt tip tool (great for prying)

Review: Super sharp knife. Easy one hand deployment. Holds well edge. No rust, with simple rinse, after 30+ dives. Entire knife breaks down for easy cleaning after a dive to prevent corrosion. The leg case it comes in is awesome. Feels like a real dive knife, cuts through anything, debree, fish, absolutely anything. Not like the nail cleaners most divers carry nowadays... If you want a really sharp dive knife, the hydralloy is your best choice. This is the best dive knife i have ever owned. It is far superior to knives made of 318 stainless steel. The 318's cannot ever have a good sharp edge due to the nature of the stainless steel.


  • Choice of two blade styles: traditional drop point or blunt tip divers tool
  • Underwater Kinetics' own HYDRALLOY steel blade for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel signaling pommel insulated from blade to eliminate metal to metal corrosion
    • In an emergency you can get the attention of your dive buddy by banging the knife pommel onto your tank. This comes in handy in emergency situations. The extra weight at the rear perfectly balances the knife in your hand.
    • When metal comes in contact with other metal, it conducts electricity and that causes corrosion. Our knives are some of the most durable because we avoid metal to metal contact in our designs. UK knifes are designed so that the knife blade and the pommel are separated by a plastic connector thus avoiding any metal-to-metal contact. 
  • Quick disassembly for cleaning. No tools required!
  • Large choil for power grip on blade
  • Serrated edge for cutting rope and line
  • Hooked edge line cutter cutter - We know that safety comes first so we built in a hooked edge for cutting through all types of rope and line. This is useful when a diver is snagged with monofilament fishing line.
  • One hand insertion and removal from sheath
  • 5 inch hollow ground double edge blade - Quality knives are always built with a blade that runs the full length of the knife. This gives you increased strength when using it for prying tasks. Some knives have the blade stop at the handle, resulting in a weak point and most often, a broken knife.
  • Ozone resistant quick release knife straps included

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions (L W H): 10.00 x 2.15 x 1.00 in  /   25.40 x 5.46 x 2.54 cm
  • Blade Material: HYDRALLOY
  • Blade Tip: Drop Point / Blunt Tip
  • Weight: 9.30 oz  /  263.65 g
  • Blade Length: 5.00 in  /  12.70 cm
  • Origin: Our knives are carefully made at our facility in San Diego, California, USA

HYDRALLOY® - Previously, there was not a commercially available stainless steel which had a combination of being hard enough to maintain an edge, yet stiff enough for prying, and did not rust in salt water. Our constant quest for perfection lead us to develop a special alloy that combines the best qualities of 316 and 420 steel to produce corrosion resistant blades with great strength and sharpness. We now do custom mill runs of our proprietary steel formula, which not only has different alloy content but also a different heat treating process than other dive knives, making UK knives unique in their performance.