Scubapro Unisex Level Jacket Buoyancy Compensator 2020 From  £285.00

1 - Unisex Level Jacket Buoyancy Compensator 2020
2 - Exchange Std Inflator for Air 2 (optional)

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Scubapro Level Jacket BCD 2020 - Unisex

The new Level front-adjustable BCD brings together all the best performance and comfort features you’ll need for any recreational diving scenario. It is lightweight yet extremely rugged – the bladder is made of EndurTex high-tenacity 420 nylon fabric – but what the Level BCD really delivers is comfort. Convenient swivel shoulder buckle straps, a sternum strap and adjustable cummerbund with double-pull over-strap enable you to dial in the perfect fit. The bladder is designed to comfortably wrap around your body without squeeze, and the full-sized backpack, working together with SCUBAPRO’s Super Cinch tank band, holds the tank rock solid for maximum stability. The integrated weight system loads easy and ditches even easier with its low-profile 40mm flat buckles.

Also included are two large cargo pockets, one of which offers metal grommets for attaching a knife, four D-rings for clipping on additional gear, and two Octo pockets for storing both a safe second and a console hose.

The Air 2 option replaces the Standard inflator. It has to be added separately (if displayed as an available option)

Review: Excellent Equipment. Tuff and Reliable. Got my level BCD and put 9 dives on it and love it. The BPI is an option, as you can choose the AIR 2 or BPI. It will come with one or the other - divers choice!. The trim weight pockets come in a set of two and are attached to a BCD backpack. Installation is very easy and quick. The trim pockets are a separate purchase.


  • EndurTex Nylon Construction: High-tenacity 420 nylon fabric bladder is lightweight yet extremely durable.
  • Front Adjustable Style: Wraparound bladder comfortably hugs your body without squeeze.
  • Adjustable Straps & Cummberbund: Convenient swiveling shoulder buckle straps, sternum strap and cummerbund with over-strap provide plenty of adjustment to achieve that perfect fit.
  • Super Cinch Tank Buckle System: Securely locks the tank in solid for maximum stability at depth.
  • Quick-Release Integrated Weight Pouches: Each pouch holds up to 5kg of ballast and feature high-security 40mm flat buckles.
  • Two Large Pockets with Velcro Closures: Offer lots of cargo-carrying capacity, plus one is fitted with metal grommets for attaching a knife.
  • Four Stainless Steel D-Rings, Three Pre-Bent: Offer lots of clip-on points for additional gear.
  • Two Octo Pockets: Provide perfect storage for a safe second and console hose.
  • Available with a Balanced Power Inflator.

Technical Features:

  • Product Code: 21.721.100
  • Activity: Travel, Recreational Product
  • Weight (M): 3.2 kg  /  7.05 lbs
  • Number of D-Rings: 4
  • Pocket Type - BC: Velcro Closure
  • Backpack Type: Padded Hard Pack
  • Pocket Count: 2
  • Product Type - BC: Front Adjustable
  • Weight Integrated: Yes

Size Chart:

Level Jacket BCD

Size  Height Weight Cummerbund Lift Capacity Weight with BPI
XS 5'0"-5'.5" in
152-165 cm
99-123 lbs
45-56 Kg
31-36 in
79-91 cm
22.5 lbs
10.2 kg
6.4 lbs
2.9 kg
S 5'2"-5'7" in
157-170 cm
119-154 lbs
54-70 Kg
35-41 in
89-104 cm
27 lbs
12.2 Kg
6.6 lbs
3.0 kg
M 5'7"-5'11" in
170-180 cm
119-154 lbs
68-77 Kg
37-43 in
94-109 cm
29.2 lbs
13.2  Kg
6.6 lbs
3.0 kg
L 5'11"-6'1" in
180-185 cm
150-170 lbs
77-95 Kg
38-44 in
97-112 cm
33.7 lbs
15.4  Kg
6.6 lbs
3.0 kg
XL 6'1"-6'3" in
185-190 cm
170-209 lbs
40-47 in
102-119 cm
38.2 lbs
17.3  Kg
6.6 lbs
3.0 kg

Add the Scubapro Air 2 5th Generation Inflator Regulator

The Air 2 Inflator option replaces the Standard Inflator. It has to be added separately (if displayed as an available option)

An inflator reg combines a backup regulator with a BC's buoyancy control system in one compact, at-the-ready unit. SCUBAPRO introduced the inflator reg concept to diving almost 30 years ago with the introduction of the AIR2 (short for Alternate Inflator Reg). Now in its 5th generation, the AIR2 delivers air as smoothly as most primary second stages, and unlike traditional dangling octos, it is always within easy reach if needed. As a BC power inflator the AIR2 fits comfortably in the hand, and the large inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated by both color and touch, improving safety on ascents. The AIR2 was diving's first inflator reg and, with five generations of improvements, it's still the best.

  • Test-proven breathing performance and cracking effort surpass many traditional downstream second stages when it comes to ease of breathing.
  • Innovative dive/pre-dive switch enables you to detune the unit when not in use, eliminating free flows.
  • Flexible purge cover is easy to locate and depress for quick clearing, even when wearing thick gloves.
  • Power inflate and deflate buttons are positioned on top of the housing when the AIR2 is in your mouth, making it easier to control buoyancy.
  • Power inflate button features a lighter lever so less load is required to initiate inflation.
  • Power inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated by color and touch due to their different shapes and sizes, improving ascent control and safety when inflating or deflating the BC.
  • Large bite tabs on the mouthpiece guarantee a secure grip in high-stress situations.
  • CE certified (EN250A -- greater than 10ºC/50ºF warm water test controls) as a second stage regulator
  • Activity: Recreational, Technical
  • Water Temp: Cold, Warm
  • Nitrox Mix: Up to 40%
  • Weight: 1 lb | 0.45359 kg


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