Special Orders & Back In Stock Alerts

Email Jackson Sports

Contacting us by email is just a request for information on the product you would like to special order. Please remember that submitting your request is not a guarantee that we can supply the product requested.

Drop us an email, this is the easiest way to contact us:


We will endeavour to respond to any email within 24hours excluding outside working hours or Bank Holidays, when we will then endeavour to respond on the next available working day.

When requesting special orders you are simply asking for info and if we are able to get a product. Once that info is given and you have confirmed that you want to order it, we will email a link to purchase that product and by paying you are committed to receiving it.

You can easily check all the brands we stock HERE.

Jackson Sports Special Order

Special Order Steps:

  1. Contact us by email. Please include as many details on the product that you can: brand, model name, size, colour option, and quantity. - If you have a link to the product or it's image online, please include it in your email.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if we can special order the product you are looking for, the price and the estimated date of arrival at the store.*
  3. We will NOT order the product until you respond to our email to confirm you are happy to proceed by paying through the link provided.
  4. Once the product is received at the store, we will supply. You will receive an order complete email along with tracking info if this option was selected.

​* Please note that although we usually receive products within 1-2 weeks, some products might take up 3-4 weeks.

Special orders are not guaranteed. We can still be shorted by the supplier or find out that it’s no longer available.

Check our website before requesting an special order to make sure the product you are wanting is not already available. If the product is listed on our website, but it is marked as 'Sold Out!', simply request a 'Back In Stock Notification' email. Please see more information below.

Back In Stock Notifications

Stock notifications allow our customers to request an email alert when an out of stock item comes back into stock.

Simply select the item (size/colour combination) you would like to buy. If the selected item is marked as 'Sold Out!', you will have the option to click on 'Request Stock Alert' and enter your email address.

Note: Stock Alerts can be requested only once for an item (size/colour combination) using the same email address. However, you can still use the same email address to request Stock Notifications for different size/colour combinations of the same product. Example: You can use the same email address to request stock notifications for 'Meindl Respond GTX UK 7 Reed/Red', Meindl Respond GTX UK 8 Reed/Red' and 'Meindl Respond GTX UK 7 Anthracite/Lemon'.

Please be aware that stock notification requests has not reserved any stock for you and stock will be sold on a first come first served basis. Other customers may have requested a back in stock notification on the same product (colour / size combination) and there may not be enough stock to go round.

We do not want you to miss out so be sure to head back as soon as you receive our back in stock notification email to avoid disappointment.

Note: In the event that the product was sold out when you checked our website, you would need to make a new request to receive an email alert when the product is back in stock.